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Critter CR-1
The CR-1 is an ultra-light camp stove stand designed around an alcohol stove made from reclaimed materials (excluding fasteners). The combination of the CR-1 and alcohol stove create a simple and easy to use cooking platform to be used in the woods or on the trail. The Critter CR-1 cradles and elevates the stove, so uneven ground is no problem and stability is ensured. Each wing is equipped with Critter Grip top and bottom to take hold of your cookware and keep it from sliding around. The Critter Grip on the bottom also provides extra grip for those times when you don’t have solid ground to cook on. At two inches tall this gadget is about as small as it gets!
Manufactured & Designed in the U.S.A.


  • Simple: No loose parts to loose. Open the stand, place your stove and you’re ready to go.
  • Low center of gravity: Setup and ready to cook the pan is only two inches from the ground.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Cookware Versatility: Because of the design the CR-1 will support cups and pans that range from as small as a coffee cup all the way to a nine inch (~23cm) pan.
  • Critter Grip top and bottom to keep your cookware from sliding and extra grip for uneven ground
  • Stove Cradle: The bottom arm of the stand is design to cradle the alcohol stove virtually eliminating the possibility of tipping. This feature also keeps the stove off of the ground making it easy to cook most any place.
  • Compatible with alcohol stoves (pop can stoves up to 3.5cm tall)
  • Emergency use: Flip the stand upside down and use a wood fire to cook your meals or boil water.
  • Quick heat dispersion, so you can cook and pack up quickly. From hot to not in less than five minutes.
  • Easy open tabs that make it easy as a flick of your figures to open the stand.
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